Presencia mundial

Desde sistemas de alto diseño para la protección de productos y procesos hasta la filtración del aire que respiramos, estos productos de filtración ofrecen soluciones para una amplia gama de aplicaciones.

Distribuidores comerciales e industriales. Redes de fabricantes de equipos originales y concesionarios, cuentas de marcas de distribuidor, comerciantes minoristas y cuentas nacionales.

Filtración de aire


Filtros de aire, filtros antimicrobianos, filtros y sistemas de recolección de polvo, filtración electrostática del aire, filtros de carbón, filtros para rociado de pintura, filtros HEPA, sistemas para control de la contaminación del aire.


Residencias, edificios comerciales e industriales, fábricas y plantas, cuartos limpios, hospitales e instalaciones médicas, maquinaria industrial, generación de energía, cría de animales.

Filtración de aire y de procesos líquidos


Filtros hidráulicos, filtros para control de arena, filtros para combustible de avión, filtros para aguas residuales, separadores y aglutinadores de agua y combustible, cartuchos de membrana, filtros de profundidad, productos para microfiltración y ultrafiltración, filtros de fibras no tejidas (proceso meltblown), bolsas para filtrar líquidos, filtros de hilo bobinado, filtros para gas natural.


Aeropuertos y aeronaves, perforación y refinación petrolera, industria química, papelera, farmacéutica, de bebidas y alimentos, manufactura en general, sector médico, servicios públicos, equipos para oficina, astilleros, aplicaciones militares, generación de energía, tratamiento de aguas, gas natural.

CLARCOR Air Filtration Products
100 River Ridge Circle
Jeffersonville, IN 47130
Teléfono: 502-969-2304
The CLC Air brands offer the broadest line of air filtration products in the industry.  Whether the need is for a home, office, livestock or manufacturing filtration application, CLC Air has a filter to clean the air you breathe.
Full line of air filtration products for the commercial, industrial, institutional and residential markets
The most diverse product base designed to meet or exceed any high-efficiency paint overspray collection requirements.
    Purolator Air
HVAC filtration products for residential, commercial and industrial, and HEPA applications. Purolator also supplies equipment including housings and hardware utilized in the pharmaceutical and micro-electronics industry worldwide.

Clark Filter
3649 Hempland Road
Lancaster, PA 17601-1323
Teléfono: 717-285-5941
Replacement cartridges for all major dust collector markets and Gas Turbine inlet filtration as well as specific markets such as welding, powder coating, wood working and pharmaceutical applications

1473 W. Forest Grove Road
Vineland, NJ 08360
Phone: 856-205-1313
Manufactures and supplies media used
                                            in a variety of end-market applications, including respirators and heating, ventilation and
                                            air conditioning filters.

United Air Specialists
4440 Creek Road
Cincinnati, OH 45242
Teléfono: 513-891-0400
Toll Free: 800-252-4647

Clarcor UK Ltd
P.O. Box 17
Folly Lane
Teléfono: +44(0)1925 654321

A #1213-14, Shanghai City Center
100 Zunyi Road
Shanghai, 200051
Teléfono: 86-21-62370052

118 Washington Ave.
Mineral Wells, TX 76068
Teléfono: 940-325-2575
Advanced filtration and separation products for the oil and gas, power generation, environmental, food and beverage and agriculture industries
    Facet International
    Purolator Liquid Process
Wide variety of filters, disposable media, filter cartridges, and modules for liquid process industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, process water, and paints and coatings.
On-site pipeline contaminant monitoring, measurement, troubleshooting and analysis services.  This service is offered throughout the world.

Purolator Facet (PFI)
8439 Triad Drive
Greensboro, NC 27409
Teléfono: 336-668-4444
Filtration products for the aerospace, oil & gas, and specialty industrial markets.  Product offerings include hydraulic, fuel and lube, and cabin air filters for aircraft engines and control systems, acoustic valves for submarines and naval applications, and sintered porous metal media for sand control screens.
Cabin air filters, HEPA filters, Electronic Equipment filters, Galley filters and coalescers for the aviation industry.
    Martin Kurz
Manufacturer of sintered porous metal media and products for high-technology markets such as pharmaceuticals, power generation, oil and gas, aerospace, and chemical processing.
    Purolator EFP
Screen pack filters for the plastics and synthetic fibers markets

Total Filtration Services
Provides complete filtration solutions and management through a results-driven approach.  TFS offers installation, cleaning and maintenance as well as a fully trained staff of product specialists to deliver value at each and every location.  Numerous branch operations are strategically located across the continental U.S. to be responsive to your filtration needs whether local or nationwide.